Finding Rest from My Burdens June 24-28

Every Christian, often with noble motives, has taken up stress-producing burdens that Jesus never asked us to carry, and we have had to learn to lay them down. In fact, the Christian life could be described as continually laying down unnecessary burdens at Christ’s feet, and daily seeking fresh mercy, relief, and rest in His presence. The truth is that God can use stress for our good and His glory. God doesn’t always eliminate our burdens, but often uses stress to draw us to Himself—to give us focus, to correct us, and to strengthen our faith.  


Day 1       Matthew 11:28-30 

Reflect: What kind of weariness and burdens do you think Jesus means—physical, emotional, spiritual? How does being yoked with Jesus make our lives easier, more restful? 

Apply:   We are all yoked to something— what is it for you? How does it create a sense of burden and weariness?  Can you give it all to Jesus? What would He give you in return?  

Pray:    Jesus, as I live yoked to You, I learn what it means to follow You. In You, I grow in rest for my soul and perfect peace in my heart.


Day 2      Matthew 6:27-34 

Reflect: Why is Jesus adamant that we don’t spend time worrying? How is worry a burden? Do you consider worry a sin? Why or why not? How do the words in verse 33 help stop worry? 

Apply:   Name your top three worries. What would you say is the root? What would it take for you to hand them over to Jesus? What are practical ways for you to live out verse 33?

Pray:    Lord, too often I hand over my problems to You, and then take them back and start to worry again. I give You each of my cares and every concern, for You are my Provider and Your grace is sufficient for all I face today.


Day 3       2 Samuel 22:4-7; 17-20 

Reflect: What comes to your mind when you read this text? Why do our burdens lead us to the Lord? What do these verses say about God? (Consider reading all of David’s song.)

Apply:  What burden or stressful situation has recently led you to the Lord? How did He rescue and minister to you? What would your worship song sound like? Spend time in worship.

Pray:    Father, the enemy wants us to believe we can’t call on You in our distress. Confident in Jesus’ righteousness, I know You hear my cries and act on my behalf.


Day 4      Hebrews 12:5-6

Reflect: Why is the Lord’s discipline so important in our lives? What does this reveal about God? What is the difference between the Lord’s discipline and His punishment (verse 6)?

Apply: What has God taught you in stressful times? What corrections have you made because of the Lord’s discipline in your life? Who might benefit by your sharing this?

Pray:    Father, enable me to see beyond my trials, difficulties, and suffering to the character, obedience, and fruit of the Spirit that You desire to develop for my eternal benefit and for Your greater glory. As Your beloved child, train me in the way I should go.


Day 5      1 Peter 1:3-7 

Reflect: What does this text say about faith? About our trials and burdens? What do you learn about God? What speaks loudest to your heart? Why? 

Apply:    How have stressful trials and burdens impacted your faith? How has your faith impacted your reaction to trials and burdens? When you feel stressed, read 1 Peter 5:7. 

Pray:     Lord, by faith, I can rest in Your powerful protection. Strengthen me to be truly glad, even when I endure trials. Through trials, You are refining, purifying and strengthening my faith for the wonderful joy ahead.


Put It Into Practice!

Week 1: Finding Rest from My Burdens

When you find yourself in a stressful situation, instead of asking God why questions—“Why is this happening?” or “Why ME?” ask Him—”What testimony will I have of You?” “What good will come from this?”