Do You Honor Your Commitments? September 4-8

Honoring commitments impacts all dimensions of life. The people of Judah, with the priests leading the way, had failed to keep their covenant agreement with God. They treated God with disrespect, dishonoring His name. They treated sacred things as common. They turned away from God’s Law, disobeying His commandments. Malachi provides a stern rebuke. He reminds his hearers that if they fail to keep their commitments, God will curse them or let them suffer the consequences of their choices. God wants you committed to Him so that the world may know He is important to you. God wants you committed to Him to strengthen you to become what He created you to be. Jesus lived a life committed to Father God. As His disciples, we are to walk in the same way. 


Day 1       Malachi 2:1-9

Reflect: What were the consequences of dishonoring God? What kind of relationship did God have with the Levite priests? What kind of relationship did the priests have with the people? Why?

Apply:   In what ways do others see you dishonor God? What consequences may result from doing so? What needs to change in your life to give God the honor He deserves?

Pray:     God, You give Your people the responsibility to uphold Your standards as a reflection of who You are. May I show care in my outward worship and daily living to honor You.  


Day 2      1 Peter 2:9-12  

Reflect: What is required of those who are called by God and why? What do each of the descriptors of believers (verse 9) mean to you? What is the specific role of a “priest”? (Reread Malachi 2:5-7)

Apply:   Today’s world is in great need of godly spiritual leaders. How willing are you to become one in your circles? What may God be calling you to change or to seek out in order to do so?              

Pray:    Jesus, enable me in the power of the Holy Spirit to be a good and faithful witness to You in my earthly walk. May You be glorified and exulted in my life in all I say and do.


Day 3      Hebrews 13:7-16 

Reflect: What more do we learn about the role of priest from Jesus? How does this speak to honoring your commitments? What kinds of sacrifices are pleasing to God and why?

Apply:   What are the benefits of honoring commitments to Christ? Who are your “leaders” who model a committed life? What have you learned from them? What more do you need to learn?

Pray:      God of all grace and Father of all compassion, empower me through the Holy Spirit to be a better Christian leader to the people you have put in my sphere of influence. Strengthen me as I seek to live a life worth imitating.


Day 4      Malachi 2:10-16

Reflect: What does it mean to profane something? How did Judah profane the covenant and the sanctuary? How do verses 13-14 describe the response of the guilty?

Apply:   What might the “daughters of foreign gods” be today? How can you guard yourself so as to not break faith or deal treacherously with another? How are you honoring your commitments?

Pray:      God, please make our words strong, our commitments lasting, and our lives faithful to the promises we make to You and to each other. Bless me, my house and the Church with a legacy of faithfulness that lasts for generations to come.


Day 5      Proverbs 11:1-9 

Reflect: Compare the attitude and behaviors of the two kinds of people described here, those committed to God and those who are not. What do these proverbs teach us about them?

Apply:   What things have trapped you from becoming fully committed to the Lord? Examine the desires and motivations of your heart in regard to your relationship with God and others. How important is God to you? What may be more important? Why?

Pray:     Jesus, may I be solely and wholly committed to walk with You all the days of my life. Help me to rest in Your strength, realizing the weakness of my flesh. May I not turn away from the path of righteousness for Your name’s sake.

Put It Into Practice!

Week 2: Do You Honor Your Commitments?

Evaluate how each area of your life reflects your commitment to the Lord—spouse, family, friendships, work, finances, time, etc. If needed, develop boundaries to protect your commitments to God and to others.