Denied & Reinstated October 23-27

Like Peter, we have all denied Jesus by our thoughts, words, deeds and attitudes; by what we have done and by what we should have done but didn’t.  At times, we have all lived in ways that are inconsistent with the faith we proclaim and the relationship with Jesus we treasure. We’ve hurt and wounded others, failing to serve them. We’ve given in to fear or worry or idolatry or pride. There have been moments when our witness or example was needed, but we remained silent and did nothing. But from the story of Peter and his denial of Jesus, we also know that Jesus forgives us. Jesus is the Lord of the second chance. If the disciple, who denied even knowing Jesus, could become the rock on which the church was built, there is hope for us too.


Day 1       John 13:1-10 

Reflect: Notice that Peter wasn’t the first one to whom Jesus went. What does his reaction to Jesus washing his feet tell you about Peter? What did Jesus want him to know?

Apply:   Would you have been more like Peter or the other disciples in this story? Why? What is harder for you, washing or being washed? Why is it hard to be served in this way? 

Pray:     Jesus, I see Your example of humble service and realize my hesitancy to receive Your cleansing love and forgiveness. Help my heart to receive love and to forgive like You do.


Day 2     Matthew 26:26-35 

Reflect: What led Peter to make such a bold declaration? (v.33) Why did Jesus tell Peter about his coming denials? What was it meant to accomplish? 

Apply:   What does following Jesus have to do with a willingness to die for Him? When and how have you laid down your life as a follower of Jesus? 

Pray:     Lord, empower me to be courageous and confident in declaring my faith and allegiance to Jesus, whatever the circumstances.


Day 3       John 18:1-11

Reflect: What do you see about Peter’s character? How is this situation similar to what happened in Matthew 16:23?     

Apply:   When have you felt you needed to defend Jesus? 

Pray:     Father, I want to live in utter dependence upon You, learning obedience by the things that I suffer, so that in all things I can say, “Thy will, not mine, be done.”


Day 4     Matthew 26:69-75 

Reflect: Why do you think the Gospel writers included stories that portray Peter’s flaws alongside his strengths? 

Apply:   When have you denied Jesus by your words or your actions? What resulted? 

Pray:      Lord, forgive me when I have been rash with my promises, slow in keeping my vows, and weak in fulfilling my commitments to You. And even since coming to know You, so often I fail. Yet You will never, ever forsake me. Help me to remain firm in faith and testify to Your saving and redeeming love.


Day 5      John 21:15-19

Reflect: How does Peter’s restoration compare to his denials? What did Jesus ask Peter to do? Why was this experience so important to Peter and also to Christ’s church?

Apply:   What does Peter’s restoration reveal about the nature of God’s grace in the lives of believers? Is there anything that competes for Jesus’ love in your life?

Pray:     Lord, may my failures enable me to love You more, with greater trust. Teach me to forget my past failures and to embrace Your amazing grace so I can forgive myself and help others to grow in their love for You. Yes, I will follow You!


Put It Into Practice!

Week 5: Denied & Reinstated  

Ask Jesus to give you the words and strength to testify to His grace and truth when needed.