Blessed August 8-12

Being blessed is not a state—it’s a story. It’s an origin story. It’s the story of how you began and why. It’s the story of God the Creator calling you into being, on purpose and for a purpose. It’s the story of God taking delight in you and naming you as good and beautiful. It’s the story of God the Redeemer pursuing you, calling you, and returning you to whom He made you to be. The bread that Jesus took and blessed did not become something else; it became what bread was made to be. The God who called light out of darkness calls you out of darkness and into light. In doing so, He brings you back to the beginning, to your beginning. This is where it starts—You are blessed. You are one on whom God’s favor rests.


Day 1      Genesis 1:26-31 

Reflect: How do you define the word “bless” according to its use in the creation story? In what ways did God bless His creation? What blessings come from being created in God’s image? 

Apply:   What are some of the blessings you received in the early chapters of your story? Do you feel you are living the kind of blessed life God created for you? Why or why not?

Pray:      Father, thank You for my creation and salvation. Help me to realize the blessed life of being filled with Jesus, not only with His provision, but His presence, which brings change and transformation to accomplish Your will on earth.


Day 2     Genesis 12:1-8

Reflect: Based on this text, define blessing. Describe Abraham’s blessing. How does his blessing and his purpose, or life story, work together?  

Apply:    How have you benefited from Abraham’s blessing? How has your obedience to God resulted in blessings in your life? In the lives of others?  

Pray:      Father, thank You for the example of Abraham who simply trusted in the sure promises of his faithful God. Help me to listen to Your voice and obey Your call, trusting You in all circumstances of life.


Day 3      Genesis 16:1-14

Reflect: What new story was God writing for Hagar? What was He teaching her? What blessing did she receive from the Lord and what was significant about it?   

Apply:   When have you experienced God blessing you through a difficult situation? How has the Lord revealed Himself to you through a blessing? What did you learn about Him?

Pray:      Sit quietly, breathe slowly, and allow yourself to be seen by the One who sees you with compassion and delight. Praise your Heavenly Father for watching over you with care.


Day 4    Numbers 6:22-27 

Reflect: Why did God create the role of priest for His people and what were the priests’ responsibilities? What happens when a priest blesses the people?  

Apply:   When has someone spoken this blessing over you? How did you feel? Have you used this text to bless others? The church is intended to be a holy priesthood. It is now your role!

Pray:      Lord, remind me daily that I am blessed to be a blessing to others. Show me ways to bless others with gracious words and acts of kindness.


Day 5      Psalm 67:1-7 

Reflect: Based on this psalm, what are the purposes of blessings? How does it give new meaning to being blessed by God? What motives and attitude should we have when we pray?  

Apply:    What blessings from God can you turn into praises today? Our greatest blessing is salvation (verse 2). Personalize this psalm by inserting your name, the blessings you are most grateful for, and the names of those who need to experience Jesus’ salvation.

Pray:      Lord, You have richly blessed me in so many ways.  Help me to see Your good gifts as the means to spread Your fame to the ends of the earth so that all will fear Your name.


Put It into Practice!

Week 2:  Read through these additional Scriptures and identify how your life in Jesus’ hands is profoundly better: Psalm 23, Romans 8:26-28, John 15:5-8.