Altogether Hope November 28—December 2

While “almost hope” reminds us that there are brighter days ahead, we still have to go through the darkness. Like Mary, many of us find ourselves dealing with unplanned events that can turn our lives upside down. Over two thousand years ago, a baby showed up and Jesus brought us hope for the future — that we will be redeemed. He brought hope for the present — that we are not alone but are loved and have purpose. He brought hope even over the past — that our failures are not greater than God’s power to transform. And we are to carry the hope we have in Him with us, bringing it to those who are struggling.  


 Day 1     Isaiah 42:1-9 

Reflect: What would you say is God’s overriding message in this text? In what other things have His people put their hope? What is striking about the Servant of God in light of this?

Apply:   What kind of hope is God talking about? What compels you to put your hope in Jesus? Describe the call we have to bring hope to others based on this text. 

Pray:     Father, thank You for sending the Lord Jesus to be our good, gracious, and gentle Redeemer. Thank You that He has come to heal the broken-hearted and provide the sufficient strength we all need as we journey through life.


Day 2     Isaiah 40:28-31 

Reflect: Put into you own words what is revealed about God. What do these descriptions of Him mean to you? What kind of hope is Isaiah talking about in this passage?   

Apply:   How does this description of God increase your faith and hope in Him? When have you hopefully waited on God to intervene in your life? What resulted or are you still waiting?

Pray:     Everlasting God, thank You, that as Your child, You care for me. When I am weary, bring to my remembrance that You are my hope and strength and that You do not grow weary.


Day 3     1 Peter 1:3-5 

Reflect: In some versions, the word “living” is used to describe hope. Why? Why should we share the gospel approach of what it can provide now as well as in the future?   

Apply:   How can you develop an eternal perspective in the midst of present problems? If you consistently did this, what would be different? Who can you help do exactly that?

Pray:     Thank You for the Word of truth and the many precious promises it contains for all believers. Help me to live in a way that honors You, ready for that wonderful day when I will see You face to face.


Day 4      Hebrews 6:9-20

Reflect: What warnings do you see In this passage? What do you think verses 10-11 mean? What encouragement is offered? What do you learn about hope?

Apply:   Would you describe hope as an anchor for your soul? Why or why not? How has this future hope made a difference in your relationship with the Lord? With others?

Pray:     Holy Spirit, You are the divine life in me through Christ. Fill my life with a fresh wind of hope that I might live as a hope-bringer in the world.


Day 5      Romans 8:18-25

Reflect: Which of Paul’s words do you relate to most and why? How does celebrating the birth of Christ help point us to hope of what is yet to come?  

Apply:   Think about a situation in your life that  seemed hopeless. In what ways did you make it through? How does that experience make the hope of your eternal future stronger?

Pray:     Father, generations of Your people have found their hope and joy in You. Give us a patient eagerness and an eager patience as we wait for Your promises to be fulfilled. 


Put It Into Practice

Week 2: Ask the Holy Spirit for ways you can embody hope for those who have been marginalized—within your friends and family, the church, your social groups, and even the world. Hope travels. When one person gets it, others catch it—hope is contagious!