Altogether Christmas December 19-23

As Christians, we celebrate Jesus’ birth not because it was when He was created or came into existence, but because our Savior took human form to redeem us from our sins. It is a time when we rejoice in the truth that God loves us so much that He gave us the ultimate gift in His Son, Jesus Christ. And this amazing gift that we celebrate at Christmas stirs us to move from an almost faith to an altogether faith in the Light of the World. He is indeed our peace, our hope, our joy, and, most importantly, our love.


Day 1      Luke 1:26-38 

Reflect: What tells us that Mary’s life was one of an “altogether” faith and not an “almost” faith in God? What do you learn about our Triune God from this text?

Apply:   When has God placed a call on your life? How did you receive it? How did you respond? God’s favor rests on the obedient. Is there something He is calling you to do? 

Pray:     Holy Spirt, with sacrificial love, show me how to say, “Here am I, Your servant,” for the sake of the world You love so much.


Day 2      Matthew 1:18-25

Reflect: How do you see Joseph’s life as one of an “altogether” and not an “almost” faith in God? Why do you think the angel called him “Joseph, son of David”? 

Apply:   How does the Lord most often communicate with you ? How are you currently experiencing Immanuel? By what name(s) does He refer to you?

Pray:     Lord, Joseph is a model of faith and obedience. Give me a humble heart and willing spirit to obey you no matter how improbable the circumstances.


Day 3      Luke 2:1-21 

Reflect: Why is it significant that Jesus came to us as a baby in a manger? Why did the angels announce Jesus’ birth to shepherds? In what ways did Jesus’ first visitors point to who Jesus was and what He would do for all mankind? How do you see God’s grace in this?  

Apply:  Describe the kinds of things you have seen God do to move people’s faith from almost to altogether. When have you felt undMserving of God’s grace and gifts? Why?

Pray:   Father God, slow us down to notice Your presence in the world and in our lives. As we celebrate the birth of Your Son, Jesus Christ, and Your presence here on earth, help us not only to celebrate Christmas, but to also live in Your promise to be with us always.


Day 4      Luke 2:22-40  

Reflect: How do you see Simeon and Anna as people with an altogether faith in God? How did Jesus experience Simeon’s prophetic words? How does He still?   

Apply:   How often do you experience and hear from the Holy Spirit? What was the last thing you heard from Him? 

Pray:     Ask God to speak to you. Listen for His voice. What did you hear?


Day 5      Matthew 2:1-12

Reflect: How would you describe the Magi? What kind of faith did they have? What does their search for Jesus teach us?  Why did they bring the gifts they brought? 

Apply:   What is the most important gift you can give to Jesus? Are you ready to give it to Him? Why or why not? How close are you to becoming an “altogether” Christ follower?

Pray:      Lord, like these wise men, I come to worship at Your feet. With a humble heart and grateful thanks, I offer myself as a living sacrifice, fully devoted to my Savior. 


Put It Into Practice 

Week 5: In your daily prayer time this week, talk to God about what Jesus’ birth, His first coming into this world, has meant to you. Then, using 1 Thessalonians 5: 23-24, ask Him to keep you prepared for Jesus’ second coming.